Student Instrument Rental Scheme

Our Student Rental Scheme has been running for over 40 years and provides a tried and tested alternative to buying an instrument.  We have a large selection of violins, violas, cellos and double basses available to hire in all sizes and varying qualities to suit all standards of player. It is straight forward to set up the instrument rental in the shop but if you live further away please see our Online Rental Page

All of our rental instruments are set up and checked in our workshop to ensure optimum playability and are supplied with a case, bow and rosin. Shoulder rests and cello anchors can be purchased separately.

There is no contract so you may rent one of our instruments for as little or as long as you like. The monthly rental fee is paid by Direct Debit which is set up in the shop when you collect your instrument.  The monthly cost remains the same if you need to exchange your rental instrument for a different size of comparable quality. However, if you wish to progress to one of our more expensive instruments there will be an additional cost reflecting the value of the instrument.

Your student rental includes the cost of replacement standard strings (any better strings you will need to pay the difference), bow rehairs and any general wear and tear. Included in the more basic rentals is extended maintenance which covers the cost of any damage or repairs, and carries an excess fee for repair. There is no such cover for our higher grade rentals and we advise that you take out appropriate insurance to cover any damage. In the event of loss or theft, you will be liable for the full cost of a replacement instrument and this applies to all levels of rental instruments. We do therefore recommend that your rental instrument is covered either by your household insurance or a specialist musical instrument policy.

You may end the rental agreement at any time by returning the instrument to the shop. There is no minimum or maximum rental term.

Monthly Rental Prices

Violin  (1/32 - 4/4) - From £10.50 per month
(from 10” LOB) - From £12.50 per month
(1/16 - 4/4) - From £26 per month
Double Bass
(1/16 - 4/4) - From £52.50 per month

Please see the full Terms and Conditions

If you are a professional musician or are interested in hiring an instrument for a specific event, please go to our Professional Hire page or simply Contact Us with your enquiry.

If you have any other queries regarding our student hires, please contact Hannah Fisher via e-mail: or simply Contact us.

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