Commission Sale


We will consider selling instruments and bows on a commission basis as long as they are in good playing condition and fit in well with our existing stock inventory.  In order to maximise the chance of sale, we will discuss any repair work that we consider necessary before the items are put into our showrooms.  The repair costs will be deducted from the final sale price.  However, if the instrument does not sell or you decide to take it back, you will be liable for any outstanding repair costs.   This is a commission based service and rates of commission will depend on the value of the instrument or bow.

"From someone who has been a customer with violin dealers for repairs, bow rehairs and so on, in Central London, South Africa, Canada and in Poland, I can only say that Thwaites have looked after my needs for the past 20 years and I am very pleased with all they do".

Evelyn Chadwick - Violinist


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