SOLD - 4/4 Italian Violin, by Renzo Bechini



Product reference : 2125000191317 or 1332/S

1332/S 4/4 Italian Violin, By Renzo Bechini, Livorno, 1980, Labelled "Renzo Bechini linteria classica Livorno (Italia) 1980"

This violin is warm, and projective, responds very nicely, and is capable of a very powerful sound. It has a good balance, well suited to brilliant and technical, as well as more lyrical playing. It is in excellent condition, and its varnish is a distinctive red.

It is labelled ‘Renzo Bechini, Liuteria Classica, Livorno (Italia), 1980. The maker, Renzo Bechini, was born in Pisa in 1911, a very good professional maker, having taught himself. He started his career as a luthier at the age of 20, and made around 50 instruments in Livorno, Pisa and Milan, winning the Gold medal in Rome 1952 and at the 4th Cremona Biennale.

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