Curry…of the week??? Violin-daloo!!!

To those who know me there is no debate. I would eat curry every day.

Not just for dinner, but breakfast, lunch and the odd snack.

So what, for me, is the appeal?

Well as the picture shows there might be so many curries that, on the face of it, might look similar, but they are made up of very different ingredients and so taste very different.

We have the kormas and passandas – fragrant but mild and creamy.

We have the bhunas and korahis – pungent and spicy without being overly hot.

Dansak – sweet & sour.

Jalfrezi – hot & tasty.

Phal – 9.8 on the Richter scale.

Each curry, whether home-made or from a restaurant, are different. There are subtleties depending on the actual ingredients, where the chef is from or just their own take on a classic dish.

You have the cheap & cheerful Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Vindaloo or (my favourite) the India Garden Special Fish Masala (Madras Hot Mr Bill? Pint Cobra?)

“What” I hear you ask “does this have to do with anything?”

Well, for me, the same thing applies to violins.

And violas, cellos & basses.


violin curry

Each instrument has its own unique personality.

In truth, violins based on an original design by Andrea Amati, improved by Gaspar da Salo and Giovanni Paulo Maggini, perfected by Antonio Stradivari and then copied and given further individuality by each successive “Chef.”  A sweet and tasty Amati or a Del Gesu that defies all the rules but hits every taste bud. Cellos and basses made perfect by adding to and experimenting with the “recipe.” An instrument that looks insipid but demands the toilet roll must be put in the freezer.  A home-made instrument that defies all expectation and is as good as any fine chefs work.

The different “ingredients” in every instrument combined with a different maker on every different day make every instrument completely individual. Some are just sufficient, Some are just sublime. Even instruments from the same hand can often be very different.

So having tested many, many different curries over the years, so every instrument in our stock has been “taste tested.” Even the most basic of instruments will have to pass our high standards.

The best will have been drooled over…