Violins and Basses Galore!

The Amati Exhibition is always a great opportunity to come and see the finest instruments and bows that Thwaites have to offer. Held in the fabulous setting of the Grand Ballroom at the Langham Hotel, this exhibition also features a performance by the esteemed Roby Lakatos.

We are proud to be be loaning his ensemble a fabulous English Double Bass by Cole, fondly known to us at Thwaites as Nemes, for the occasion. We will also be showcasing a beautiful Chamber Bass and Cello by Thomas Kennedy, as well as Violins by Dom Nicolo Amati, GA Chanot. If that isn’t enough we will also have bows by Sartory, Lamy, Tubbs and many more.


Whether you play the Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass you will enjoy what the Amati Exhibition has to offer. It is free to visit, so come along and say hello!

The Amati Exhibition – The Langham Hotel, London, 1st  and 2nd November 2015.

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