4/4 English Violin By George Wulme Hudson

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4/4 Violin By, Labelled And Branded George Wulme Hudson, London 1948.

This is a very good English violin, made in 1948, with a focussed yet warm sound. It is nicely shaped, with precise f-holes and good arching. George Wulme-Hudson prided himself on making ‘speculative’ instruments in imitation of the style of famous makers, often mixing influences to give the impression of Italian 18th century instruments, without making direct link to any specific makers. His musician friends commissioned many instruments, and he regularly attended concerts with Kreisler, Sarasate and the Joachim quartet, from which he cultivated a sense of his ideal sound. In his early days, he worked at the Withers’ shop, where he was highly prolific, making one violin per week. In his lifetime, he made over 800 instruments. In a preface to a series of articles on violinmaking which he composed for The Strad, he writes, ‘varnish does not make tone, figure does not make tone, sound construction, good wood, good workmanship does.’ Our Wulme-Hudson violin exemplifies such good wood and workmanship.

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