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About us

Thwaites are a long established family run business and our aim has always been to encourage, nurture and inspire musicians whilst providing value for money. We recognise that all musicians, no matter what age or standard, professional or amateur alike require the right care and guidance with regards to their instrument.


Our onsite workshop is able to provide an exceptional and professional service. Our long-standing luthiers, collectively have over 100 years of experience and take great pride in their workmanship.


We have always been known for our knowledge and expertise in Double Basses of which we have an impressive collection. We also have an ever expanding selection of fine Violins, Violas, Cellos and Bows. We draw on a wealth of experience and can instil confidence when purchasing an instrument. We are all experienced players and teachers and have a passion for music and instruments.


We have expanded our premises and our Basses now take pride of place in our exciting new showroom next door. Our practice rooms are available for you to use upon making an appointment and they house a wide range of instruments that have been fully set up by our workshop for you to try.